• The PY330M large-scale smoke exhaust vehicle consists of a chassis, main air cylinder, auxiliary air cylinder, boom, engine, hydraulic system, transmission system and pump system, and it is equipped with a certain length of positive and negative pressure air duct and negative pressure air duct, which can be used for fire field, air supply, smoke exhaust, decontamination, dust removal and cooling.
    PY330M Large smoke exhaust truck
  • The XX30/S5 chemical decontamination fire truck belongs to the “Research and Application Demonstration of Special Equipment for Fire Emergency Disposal of Dangerous Chemicals Leakage Accidents” in the national key R&D plan. This vehicle is mainly used for the detection and decontamination of hazardous chemical pollution and leakage.

    XX30 Multi-functional chemical decontamination fire truck
  • The truck consists of a chassis, a foam tank, a suction pump system, a liquid supply pump system, a pump room, and a suction supply attachment. The foam tank and pump room adopt split structure, can load 18 tons of foam liquid, and equipped with XBD10/40P and XBD12/30P two foam fire pumps. The foam fire truck can provide uninterrupted supply of barrel or car foam liquid to fire fighting operations and firefighting equipments.
    GY180 Liquid supply fire truck
  • The GQ85 air supply fire truck is mainly used for the supply of fire fighters' air breathing apparatus for firefighting troops. The car is equipped with two sets of original inlet air supply system with a flow rate of 722L/min, including two explosion-proof boxes that can simultaneously rotate and inflate eight carbon fiber bottles, and 16 high-pressure steel cylinder sets. It can safely and quickly liquefy 8 air bottles, 80 spare cylinders, with functions such as breathing air storage and transportation, breathing air treatment, air respirator filling, air breathing apparatus and spare cylinder storage and transportation, which can be effective and safe. Solve the problem of breathing gas cylinders in the rescue department of the fire brigade, and provide a strong guarantee for "extinguishing the fire and saving the disaster".

    GQ85 Air supply fire truck
  • The product is modified from the ML 120E28 second-class chassis manufactured by Iveco Automotive Group of Italy. The overall shape of the vehicle is novel and the layout is reasonable. The passenger compartment, equipment compartment, tank compartment and pumping room adopt integrated aluminum alloy plate bonding structure design (AT technology), no welding process, no deformation, no stress concentration.

    PM30/AT Rapid mobilize foam fire truck
  • Unmanned fire tanks are mainly aimed at dangerous places which directly endanger the life safety of firefighters and are difficult for firefighters to enter, such as flammability, collapse, high radiation, high temperature, toxic gas environment and special road conditions. It adopts patented technologies such as "multi-functional fire fighting armored vehicle", "fire fighting tank", "amphibious fire fighting armored vehicle" and "remote control driving system". The remote control driver can control the engine starting and stopping and the vehicle driving (forward, steering and reversing) through remote control driver and observation screen.
    Unmanned fire tank